Калькулятор расчета стоимости перевода
Калькулятор расчета стоимости озвучки
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For channels with connected monetization, regular content and active audience
Before you were profiting in only one language now you can in 15 without creating a new channel
Start communicating with your audience in their own language. The whole world will know and love you
Channel localization
Creation of multi-language audio tracks for one channel. Increase the profit of your X10 channel by implementing just one tool.
We work in 150 languages worldwide, only with native speakers, for whom the language you would like your text translated into is their native language from birth.

This avoids many semantic and cultural errors.
Our translators will fully proofread your text after completion and make it as understandable as possible for your target audience.
We work in
150 languages
How much revenue your channel will generate in new languages
Agreement of source materials and languages for localization
Transcribing and translating works. Verification of the translation. Preparation for voice recording.
Technical issues and nuances in the work of interpreters and speakers
A casting call for the most suitable voices
Cost approval
Signing of documents
Record processing
Control check of materials and their transfer to the client
Recording of the voice artist at the studio
Here are the steps,
of localization work

Do you have a channel

with cool content?

ChOnline studio will organize and carry out all necessary localization work on a turnkey basis. Thanks to us, your channel will be heard, recognized and loved on any continent.
Russian version
English version
cooperation with us
Only experienced professionals are able to perform localization without inaccuracies and distortion
No restrictions on languages and countries. One channel can be localized into several languages at once
We work with channels of any subject, without restrictions
The localization process is fine-tuned and does not stretch over several months
You do not need to search for performers for each stage of localization, our company has all the experts in our hands
We will take care of all the technical part of repackaging the project
We always stay in touch and inform you about the progress of the work
We perform quality checks in accordance with the highest industry standards


We will make your product available in another country without loss of value. If you need voice-over service in addition to translation, we can also provide it at a professional level.

Contact us

to calculate the cost of the project
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